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“Nefelibata,” by Athena Belle-Fairplay (A Book Review)

I don’t usually write book reviews; as a matter of fact, this is only the second one I’ve ever posted on this blog.   My [unintentional] “celibacy” in regards to not blogging about other authors’ books persisted for a long while without any glitches.  It’s not exactly like I was

The Quarantine Chronicles: Day 5//Day 11 (March 21st, 2020)

March 21st, 2020: Day 5 of my Absolute, Now-Government-Mandated Quarantine//Day 11 of my School’s Earlier, Precautionary One. Photography by Ami J. Sanghvi. It’s important to still think about things, and laugh at them too (when appropriate).   It’s important to eat the produce in your fridge before the fun, dry

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