Editing Services

I’ve always been passionate about the language arts (writing, reading, linguistics, etc.), and I started applying for jobs with formal hiring processes at the age of 17; these two factors have afforded me the opportunity to become well-versed in writing, editing, and application standards early on in life.  Many of my friends, family members, and former bosses have come to me with the request that I edit their materials and provide feedback.  Of course, as both a writer and soon-to-be certified graphic designer, I’ve been glad to help out.

In all of this, I’ve realized that so many people don’t obtain the roles they’re highly qualified for or the grades they deserve simply because most of the accessible information about essay composition/language, formal writing, and document formatting is conflicting, outdated, and inadequate.  This is a world where failure to adhere to these strict norms jeopardizes our success… in my opinion, way too many brilliant people are being overlooked by these ridiculous standards.  

Let’s change that.  Now, you can seize the day by employing my well-priced freelance Document Editing and Production services!