Document Production Services

The Document Production services include Resume Production, Email Production, and Email Signature Production.  These services allow you to skip the arduous process of creating these documents by passing that task on to me.

With the Resume Production service, I’ll build your resume for you!  This service is charged on an hourly-basis.

  • Basic, Microsoft Word Resume: $8.00 per hour
  • Microsoft Word Resume with Flair: $9.20 per hour
  • Creative, InDesign Resume: $12.50 per hour

The Email Production and Email Signature Production services have the same idea, but these are charged by content quantity.

  • Email: $1.75 per 5 sentences
  • Email Signature: $2.85

To request document production, email with the following information:

  • The specific service(s) desired (Resume Production, Email Production, or Email Signature Production)
  • If you’re interested in a resume, whether you’re looking for the basic, Microsoft Word resume, a Microsoft Word resume with a few flashy components, or a creative, more-detailed InDesign resume
  • For resumes, any priority areas that you have in mind for your resume (example: “Milk my internship at ABC Sesame Street this summer and my Master of Arts degree. Make sure that really jumps out at them.”)
  • A comprehensive list of information and/or text you’d like included in the resume, email, or email signature (this doesn’t have to look or sound pretty — that’s what you’re paying me to do!)
  • Your full name, as you’d write it on an application form, your preferred email address and phone number for professional correspondence, your home address (only for resumes; if you don’t feel comfortable sharing this information, I’ll leave an area and instructions for you to plug it in by yourself later on), and any websites or social media accounts you’d like included.
  • Preferred fonts and/or colors, where applicable
  • The intended recipient(s) of your resume, email, or email signature (criteria strongly varies depending on the profession or purpose)
  • Deadlines
  • Questions, concerns, and any additional details you wish to include

Based on this information, I’ll respond to you with the total cost of the service(s) and, as I work through production, I’ll email you for any additional information or permission(s) I may need from you.  I’ll email the finished product(s) to you for approval – upon receiving the product(s), feel free to mention any preferred touch-ups, minor preferences, or concerns you may have, and I’ll fix those for you.

In the case of new instructions, new information, or a new vision, there may be increased costs.

Please submit all Resume and Email production information as Microsoft Word documents, and any Email Signature production information in the body of your email.