Cerulean will be Sanghvi’s fourth poetry collection and fifth published book.

Paperback Release Date: March 15th, 2020

E-book Release Date: April 1st, 2020

Poetry Blog

Trauma, mental illness, attention-deficiency, aches, ailments, and sentimental bearings: Cerulean is the poetry book that goes all the way there. It trudges both onward and backwards without apologizing, the author launching herself and her readers into pain, despair, bewilderment, blood, gore, self-imprisonment, mental battlegrounds, and her own, demonic undertakings in a way she never has before.

This collection represents the twistings and turnings which arose from the author ‘s attempt to finally release her early adulthood into her haunted past, only to discover that the latter is, and always will be, among the most inevitable parts of her existence.

The only difference between then and now?

The introduction of anticipation, aspiration, and expectation: all the sentiments and places the author has never dared to explore before…

Until Cerulean.



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