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I like creepy stuff.

I like blogging.

I like writing, and I like fighting.

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You get the idea.

And even if you don’t, this Dr. Seuss hour is half past over anyways.

Dr. Seuss aside, welcome to The Blood Spice Empire.  This is the online home of the writer, fighter, and entrepreneurAmi J. Sanghvi (aka me).

So, yeah… it’s just me here, and I’m not sorry about it.  What I am sorry about is that it’s considered professional to write about yourself in the third person and pretend you paid someone to do it when, in reality, everyone knows it was just you being tragic in old sweatpants at 2AM (yes, I just called myself out).


If you’re seeking the strangest scoops on fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and beyond (and I’m really serious about that “beyond” bit), you’ve arrived at your final destination.

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The weird vibes make for something a little bit different, so it’s probably worth sticking around to see if you’re going to get to read a piece on current floral trends or a potential strategy for efficient world domination instead.