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startup art fair los angelesAmi J. Sanghvi is a 25-year-old, female, Indian-American, Hindu-Jain, queer author, photographer, artist, activist, and MMA fighter. She’s published four poetry/poetic-prose books (Amaranthine, Devolution, Armageddon, and Silk & Cigars) at this time.

Sanghvi’s essay, “Aladdin,” was published by Awakenings (The Nightingale) (November 2019), and her poem, “Sexual Autonomy,” was included in For Women Who Roar’s e-book, Me Too (December 2019).  Furthermore, her poetic-prose piece, “The Cycle of Embers,” was published by The Showbear Family Circus (January 2020), and her poem, “Bindi,” by Rigorous Magazine (February 2020).


startup artfairHer photos and digital art pieces appeared in Fusion Art’s 5th Annual Colorful Abstractions Art Exhibition (December 2019), as well as their 5th Landscapes Exhibition (January 2020); others were used for the cover of High Shelf Press‘s Issue XIV (January 2020) and shown in the Los Angeles stARTup Art Fair (February 2020).

More of Sanghvi’s photography and digital art are set to appear in Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing, The Moving Force Journal, and the Santa Clarita Artists Association‘s Vintage Art Exhibition this spring.

Sanghvi earned her B.A. in Political Science (“Diplomacy and International Affairs” concentration, English Literature minor, and Pre-Law specialization), and is currently pursuing her M.F.A. in Creative Writing in the Los Angeles area.