indie poetry bookAmi J. Sanghvi is an Indian-American, 24-year-old woman and #BabyVamp.  She is a poet [with a deep love for all things old-world contemporary], fiction author,  MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter in-training, fitness-enthusiast, graphic artist, and photographer

Ami published her first poetry collection, Amaranthine, in December 2018, and her second and third ones, Devolution and Armageddon, in April 2019. 

She’s also working on several literary, fantasy, action, thriller, and magical realism fiction projects (short stories, novellas, novels, etc.).  Release dates are TBA.

tattoo coverupAmi is currently a brand ambassador for Abella Eyewear, Just Strong Clothing, Trendy Now CoRox Jewelry, and Pineapple Clothing.  Additionally, she was a monthly photo contributor at The Best of Africa from August 2017-August 2018.  She’s also done promotional work for The Calibar Collection and Civion Accessories.    

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2016 (commenced degree at Arizona State University, completed it at Purdue University), and is considering pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in the coming years before delving into her doctorate-level studies.  At the present time, Ami is prioritizing her poetry-composition, novel-writing, graduate school admissions,  and MMA training. 

36585185_265857457327739_2695098910317215744_nThis website and its corresponding, creative works are living and breathing organisms which wholly embrace concepts of extremes (Indian and American, writer and fighter, creator and destroyer…) unpredictability, exploration, shape-shifting, and drastic change.  Still, the primary objectives always remain the same: the pursuit of knowledge and relentless personal growth

Further poetry composition, fiction writing, slam poetry readings, competitive fighting, and graduate school are all in her game plan for 2019