The Quarantine Chronicles: Day 5//Day 11 (March 21st, 2020)

March 21st, 2020: Day 5 of my Absolute, Now-Government-Mandated Quarantine//Day 11 of my School’s Earlier, Precautionary One.
Photography by Ami J. Sanghvi.

It’s important to still think about things, and laugh at them too (when appropriate).


It’s important to eat the produce in your fridge before the fun, dry foods you may have stocked up rather than simply letting it all go bad.


It’s important to text your friends and family once in a while to make sure everyone’s holding up okay.


It’s important to clean your home from time to time.


It’s important to wash your hands excessively if that’s what gives you peace of mind.


It’s important to take breaks from social media and the news as needed.


It’s important to work on something and continue having goals, or else make new ones.


It’s important to make to-do lists and try your best to stick with them.


It’s important to have a plan for this time, if that’s what you find comforting.


It’s important to still give yourself days off, especially if you’re an absolute workaholic.


It’s important to have a schedule and map out your plans for the day, or else the week.


It’s important to understand that you don’t have to fashion a creative masterpiece during this time just because Shakespeare did.


It’s important to watch your favorite movies and read your favorite books.


It’s important to realize you might be sad and/or afraid, and how that’s perfectly acceptable during these trying times.


It’s important to remember who you were before all this happened, and grieve that person if necessary.


It’s important to realize that you’re changing along with the world around you, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


That which we have left right now counts for everything, and in that, it is all very important. The stakes are higher than ever, so…


Take care of yourself. That’s all I have to say for today. What else matters, anyway?

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