Forget the Labor Day Rule; Wear White this Fall and Winter

Have you ever heard that you simply can’t wear white after Labor Day? Furthermore, do you try to comply with this rule?

Well, did you know that you have the option of not observing it anymore?

That’s right – it’s not the worst thing in the world to wear white in the fall and winter.  In fact, it’s really stunning during the chilly months.


Here’s why you should break the rule and wear white after summer ends anyways.

The Labor Day rule may have been born out of elitist societal law.

According to Mental Floss, this restriction may have come into being in the late-1800’s/early-1900’s to ensure that new money women couldn’t accidentally get into the society of the old money ones.

More people were striking it rich, and the old money women got nervous that they would lose their high-standing and authority.  So, they constructed fashion rules that only members of the old money high upper class were aware of – this way, they could tell who belonged in their community and who didn’t based on compliance with the rules.

If this is, in fact, the true origin of the “no white after Labor Day” rule, then it’s lost its novel purpose in modern times anyways.


White is a classic shade.


Don’t miss out on the classics because of some silly rule – Cinderella wore white after Labor Day, so why can’t you?

White is a meaningful and chic color that doesn’t deserve to gather dust in our closets for three seasons of the year.  It’s fresh and elegant all year round, not just in the summer.

Don’t be afraid to layer up in white articles of clothing for the cold weather, folks.  Even if the fashion police do bother you, I have the utmost confidence in your ability to handle them.


You can’t just abandon an essential part of the neutral color palette for 75% of the year.

Don’t forget – neutrals are super in right now, so you need as much of them as you can get.  This means that it’s not optimal to shove your white wardrobe pieces to the side because you don’t want to break some strange rule.

Pick the supremacy of neutrals over the funky Labor Day rule – being chic really and truly beats not working an entire color for most of the year.


White is a gorgeous color.


White always looks sharp, no matter the season.  I mean, it’s the color of pearls, polar bears, unicorns, milk, and glaciers.  Why would anyone give that up?  White is a beautifully luminous shade.

It goes with every skin and hair tone, and it matches with just about anything else you could want to wear.  It’s easy to accessorize, and it’s just dazzling in general.


You can coordinate with the snow when it finally makes its grand return.

The snow is on its way back into our lives and into our hearts.

And snow is gorgeous – duh.  How else does one nail down that frosty outfit vibe without white?  There’s usually only so much silver that a person can throw into one outfit.

The snow wants to twin with you – be a bro and color coordinate with it.


Everyone loves to be a rebel.

In case you were in the mood to do something kind of daring, this could be the thing to do.

Release your inner outlaw and wear white after Labor Day.  If you’re a stickler for the rules, I’m sure that violating fashion laws comes with an adrenaline rush.

Plus, you probably won’t get detention for acting out this time.


White isn’t bound to any month or season – it’s striking no matter the weather and no matter the day, and it definitely doesn’t exclusively belong to summertime.

Forget the Labor Day fashion rule, wear white, and rock on.

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