Baby Vamp Officially Goes Metaphysical

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My religion and spirituality are very dear to me.

They’ve helped forged my best and most redeeming qualities, and they’ve been there for me during the darkest periods of my life.  I strongly believe they will continue to provide me support and guidance as I trek upon the path which lays ahead in my current birth.

medium blogRegardless, I never spoke much about these topics; they were suppressed beneath several, matted layers of disbelief and fear

That is, until quite recently.

Don’t get me wrong: my reservations were never because I lack confidence in Prabhu/God, but rather, because I struggle to have faith in myself.

I’ve grappled for a long time with my supposed spiritual capabilities… More so, the question of whether I actually have them.

No matter how much proof God gave me that they exist, I always found ways to cloud, deny, and avoid the larger truth I didn’t want to face.

I only ever wanted God.  Nevertheless, I also received a set of mystical abilities which refuse to let me elude them.

I’m beyond freaked out by my still-spooky-to-me abilities [and their implications], but more so, I’m uneasy about officially taking up my spiritual studies in a world where clairvoyance and the paranormal are glamorized, misconceived, cheapened, monetized, and maltreated by the masses.

author blogIn fact, words like “psychic” and “supernatural” make me cringe because of the disrespect they’re treated with in the modern world.

I see this entire situation as a result of poor representation by the media, irresponsible behavior by misguided or fraudulent mediums, strategic societal constructs, and humanity’s varying spiritual planes.  I’m not afraid to admit that I hold those somewhat rare [yet louder-than-the-rest], exploitative mediums, as well as the many, disparaging non-mediums out there, responsible for the defamation of something so pure.

Human beings are guilty of reducing spirituality [and, in the Western Hemisphere, our ancient, Eastern religions] into fashion and pop culture trends; people love to cheapen the intricacies of our minds and souls into “this week’s” newest way to seem “cool.”

Astrology, an ancient and monumental study, is now a pass time and an easy set of excuses for people who would rather blame the stars than take responsibility for their actions.  The same is true for most of the more commonly-known, clairvoyant branches, practices, and arts [if not all of them].

metaphysical blogThis isn’t to say that there aren’t genuine people with these abilities or interests who aren’t being tacky about it, nor is this an instance of gate-keeping of my part.  I don’t have the right to gate-keep spirituality; no one on this planet does.

Humans are as we are by design.  It is our destiny to flounder for a time…

But, that still doesn’t make the good work being done by genuine, goodhearted mediums any simpler.

My primary issue has to do with the disrespect with which all things metaphysical in our civilization’s past, present, and [probably (read: inevitably)] future are treated by a plethora of people.

It’s one thing not to have faith, but it’s something else entirely when people exploit and/or mock others’ realities to the point where we feel uncomfortable with our own, personal truths.

Before anyone gets started with me…

Ignoring the opinions and actions of others is easier said than done, especially when their energy and behavior hinders you physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.

I agonize over the way these noble, ancient, and spiritual topics have come to sit in this material world of ours; it’s deeply concerning.

mysticalI fret that if I even so much as bring up my spirituality, religion, and/or abilities, especially when I’m struggling so much to stop doubting myself, I’ll be further implicating something celestial in a world occupied primarily by consumers, sheep (I’m so sorry for including “sheep” on this list, or even using the term, but it is a reasonable assessment of many people), and, worst of all, the types of cynics who seize any opportunity to denounce theology, religious practices, and all things metaphysical.

I have no doubt whatsoever that a multitude of human beings are authentically tapped into their “abstract“-to-Earth, higher power abilities.  Our predicament, however, stems from the uphill struggle to prove our gifts in this close-minded, “concrete,” and materialistic world.

It’s true that being a medium, or whatever else we might prefer to call it, isn’t about proving ourselves to others.  Regardless, many of us “feel” a strong sense of responsibility to help others; it’s oftentimes our [fated] obligation to make the world a better place by honing and wielding our abilities.

Officially intertwining these metaphysical abilities and experiences into my private, public, and creative personas, especially after denying them for so long, is terrifying in more ways than one. 

The immensely flawed human in me anticipates how badly my spiritual inclinations might be received by others (I’m perfectly aware of how ridiculous that sounds, and I honestly kind of hate myself for caring so much), as well as the fact that I’m still working on validating my own clairvoyance [even though I know I already know what I know].

Nevertheless, as I finally open my mind and soul to my spiritual path after a quarter of a century, I understand that it will completely change who I am as both a writer and a person.

I comprehend that this spiritual voyage, and all that comes with it, will leave a significant impact on my physical existence.

In some ways, it already has.




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