The Chronicles of Pluto, the Goddess of Death: The Drag King Duels (Part I)

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Once upon a time, back when I was still a baby duck, my mother was a drag king.  She was actually the most famous one in our pond. I was so proud to be her daughter…

Until the day she was challenged to a duel and fell under the sword of fellow drag king, Duxx Deluxxe.

Just like that, I was suddenly more ashamed than I had ever been of anything in my life.

Our noble family name was ruined. How could we ever look the other ducks in the eye?! Even the geese were mocking us, led by that awful, moronic Mother Goose…

My mother settled for being second-best after her defeat, but I wouldn’t accept that fate for us.  Thus, I made the necessary arrangements, and proceeded to do what had to be done for both my family and myself.

I remember waddling thirty-six miles to that forsaken beach just before dawn one morning, dressed in my mother’s favorite, kingly ensemble. I held my childhood chain mace in my beak and faced the first sworn enemy I’d ever known.

Fourteen minutes after we both reached our destination, King Duxx Deluxxe laid at my feet…

Ultimately slain.

Feathers, drenched in the clashing crimsons of shed blood and the rising sun, covered the beach. Which ones belonged to who, I wasn’t quite sure…

Nor did I really care.  All that mattered in that moment was that our family’s honor was finally renewed…

As was my own.

Thus, I returned my mother’s gear to her, packed my beak, and waddled out into the world.

I haven’t returned home to that pond since. There’s nothing left for me there. The last I heard, my mother mastered a jazz rendition of Avenged Sevenfold’s Bat Country. They say her metallic squawks can be heard late into the night.

The very thought of it reminds me of home.

About the Author
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Pluto, the Goddess of Death, is a hot pink, rubber duck with an affinity for chaos, killing, blood, death, eyeliner, and watermelons.  When she’s not working on her chronicles, it’s a safe bet that Pluto’s out questing, starting verbal feuds on Twitter, ordering around the plethora of knaves which occupy her kingdom, and/or writing her ballads.
She can be found on Twitter (@PlutoisDeath), and Instagram (@baby.vamp.ami).  Her chronicles can be found here (, or on Wattpad (@babyvampami). 

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