Here’s Why I Take Dietary Supplements, and Defend Your Right to Take Them, too

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Some people give me a whole lot of crap for taking dietary supplements…

Because, as you know, it’s their body, and not mine.

Okay, my bad (sorry, not sorry).  Sarcasm aside, this felt like a worthy topic to blog about on this fine, Saturday afternoon.

Firstly, there is far more to supplements than just steroids and weight loss pills…

Far, far more. 

For example, my supplements consist of two types of amino acids, coconut oil pills, probiotics, multivitamins, and protein powders [this last one varies depending on where I’m at with my MMA training].

Here’s why both I [and my coach, and doctor] find each of these supplements appropriate and necessary.

1. Most of my MMA injuries come from over-exertion and over-training rather than from getting hurt during actual combat.

author blogIn fact, out of my many MMA injuries so far, only one has come from an attack by an opponent; the rest have been a result of pure muscular exhaustion.  This appears to be the general consensus in many high-contact sports, as well as the obvious explanation in low-/non-contact ones.

Enter amino acid supplements. Ever since my coach suggested them for me, I’ve found that I don’t get injured nearly as much as I used to! In fact, I haven’t had any serious, training injuries since I started taking them; the only injury since was my hyper-extended elbow… which was 110% my fault for not tapping out when my opponent had me in an arm bar.

And, let me tell you…

Not being injured all the damn time is a treat and a half.

2. There are bad fats, and there are healthy fats.

author blogSometimes, between MMA training, writing, self-publishing/marketing, and now, modeling, there’s no guarantee that I’ll get a chance to consume my healthy fats via a homemade meal every day.  That’s where the coconut oil capsules come in; they’re a great way to ensure I get this nutritional necessity on a daily basis.

Additionally, I have hereditary cholesterol issues, and my doctor recommended that I take coconut oil capsules (I refused to take fish oil ones, based on my religion-inspired, lifelong vegetarianism).

3. The probiotics help with digestion.

That’s really all there is to it. A person, especially a decently lactose intolerant one [like myself], can only consume so much yogurt (a source of probiotics) on a daily basis before it gets stupid.

My doctor doesn’t have an issue with it, and neither do I.  Plus, my coach, who has weathered just about everything the world can make a human being weather, lives by them…

And, he has yet to be wrong about anything.

4. I’m a 4’11” (4’10” and 3/4ths), mid-twenties, naturally-thick/curvy woman with hypothyroidismKeeping my weight in check, even with all the hours of MMA training, can be a real challenge.

homemade healthy foodI don’t get much in terms of net calories everyday (1,200 calories, to be exact), and I’m also a vegetarian. This means that getting all my vitamins, nutrients, and [most importantly] protein, can be a real challenge for me as long as I refuse to overeat. 

The egg-whites, beans, tofu, lentils, and greens don’t always cut it the way they did before I started MMA; that’s where the multivitamins and protein powders come in.  I get my vitamins, iron, etc.; plus, I’m also able to meet my daily protein goals with the help of protein powders.

Best of all, with the help of these supplements, I don’t even have to overeat to get all the things my body needs!

Also, they now offer them in organic, plant-based protein powders that are pretty great for the body…

I love ’em.

In conclusion, it’s important not to make assumptions when people say they take supplements [especially athletes, who require extensive nutritional programs our bodies and diets can’t always produce for us on their own, and who also know our own bodies pretty well as a result of all that training]. 

Unless steroids or [actual, dangerous] diet pills are involved, it’s no one else’s business but the person taking the supplements. 

Also, I might as well throw this in here: it’s not “cheating” to take supplements; it’s ensuring that your body gets everything it needs to thrive and survive

Most importantly, though, what people do with their bodies is their business, and their business only.

As for this blog post…

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