Green Tea: A Game Changer


Green tea is pretty hyped these days.  Google “benefits of green tea”, “green tea and weight loss”, “green tea and beauty”, or literally anything else containing the words “green” and “tea” and you’ll find that there’s no shortage of search results.

Here’s the thing, though: the green tea part of the Internet can be a bit of an… over-hyped echo chamber.

amaranthineDon’t get me wrong – green tea is absolutely GLORIOUS.  Drinking it is highly beneficial, and it’s delicious!  But that doesn’t mean drinking green tea for two days will make you drop 15 pounds in under 48 hours, and it certainly doesn’t mean that bathing your dog’s paws in it will make him stop barking all night.

That’s why, as a near-daily green tea consumer, I’m going to tell you all about how green tea actually changed my life.  There won’t be any mention of fairy god tea leaves or anything miraculous like that, but I’m going to give you guys the legitimate scoop on green tea as I know it.

Here’s why green tea is probably the game changer you didn’t even realize you needed in your life.

As it turns out, green tea leaves > coffee beans.

I used to be a coffee addict, and leaving that dependence behind was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

amaranthineThe initial withdrawal from caffeine-induced awakeness is tough, but if you push through it, you’ll start to notice some differences.  Your body will learn how to function on its own at 6 AM on a Monday morning, and you’ll start to feel healthier overall once some of that caffeine gets flushed out of your system.

This isn’t to say that there’s not times when a hot, lightly-caffeinated beverage isn’t welcome.

On sleepy mornings and cold ones alike, hot green tea is a terrific drink to kick-start your day.  It doesn’t give you the burst of buzzing energy that coffee does, but it does make you feel revitalized and strong enough to plow through that 7:30 AM meeting, or trudge through some violent blizzard to get to work.

And better yet – green tea doesn’t make you crash once its initial effects wear off.  Green tea is all of the fun with none of the ick.


You don’t have to spend your day at the beach for your skin to feel like velvet.

You know how insanely soft your skin feels when you’ve been bumming around the beach on a hot, humid day?  With regular green tea consumption, that’s how my skin feels ALL THE TIME.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different – what works for my skin may not work for yours.

Nonetheless, green tea’s positive effect on skincare has been proven time and time again.


That hair, though…  Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s just green tea.

We can basically just copy and paste everything I just wrote about green tea and better skin, and then replace the word “skin” with “hair”.

In other words, green tea has a gorgeous effect on our manes.

My hair is thick, coarse, kinky, dry, and curly – manageability, silkiness, and sheen weren’t really ever in its cards.

Atleast not until I started drinking green tea.

Now, my hair has some actual gloss and moisture!  My mane is the least chaotic and most revitalized it’s ever been in my life.

Let’s just face it — green tea is more or less the elixir of the beauty deities.


It’s the waist trainer you can brew.

While I do have exercise and clean eating as essential parts of my daily routine, green tea really nudges the process along.

amaranthineWhen I started drinking green tea, I realized that my waist wasn’t expanding as easily and rapidly as it generally does.  When I stopped for a while, my stomach suddenly had a harder time staying flat[ish].

I recently started chugging that green tea again, and, once again, my lower torso area feels less attacked by bloating and fat gain than it did when I wasn’t sipping green tea on a regular basis.

This is because green tea spikes your metabolism!

For a person with slow metabolism like me, it makes all the difference in the world – so imagine what it can do for those of you with regular or high metabolism!


You won’t have to be green with envy when your colleagues bring up how well they slept the previous night.

Green tea isn’t just a great alternative for coffee – it’s also perfect for sipping right before bed time.  It’s warm and calming and, in turn, helps you knock out into a rather wholesome slumber.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll start drifting off while the mug is still in your hands.  Sweet dreams!


Green tea leads to having more green in your wallet.

amaranthineCoffee shops love to rip us off, don’t they?  It’s not exactly unheard of to pay a pretty penny for a drink you’ll have demolished before you even get back to your car.

Mocha-smocha.  Reduce your intake of those overly-priced, highly-sugary drinks by ordering plain, hot green tea when you visit your favorite caffeine dealer; in turn, save yourself a few blessed bucks.

That saved coffee shop money will add up, by the way – you can finally buy yourself that something nice you and I both know you deserve!

And yes – green tea does still works for those cute, coffee shop Instagram photos we all love to filter and post.


You can fast without feeling green.

I’ve recently become a huge fan of intermittent fasting (IF) – it’s a great way to lower your body fat percentage without actually doing anything unhealthy or ridiculous.

But this does also mean that for 16 hours of the day, I can’t consume any calories [so that I don’t slow down my metabolism].

I would be miserable if I was stuck chugging nothing but plain water during those hours, but thankfully, green tea [when consumed without sugar, lemon, honey, or any other additions] has 0 calories and is absolutely delightful to the taste buds.

Andddddddddd, it gets even better – green tea positively contributes to heightening metabolism and, in turn, the results you see from IF.

Who knew fasting could be so painless?


You can trick yourself into drinking water.

amaranthineIf you’re one of those people who hates drinking water, but understands it’s essential for life, then you understand my agony – health, fitness, and life in general all demand that I have very high water intake.

I mean, I honestly can’t deny the fact that water is really good for us… and by that, I mean it’s seriously vital for our survival.

It’s just the actual worst to drink.

Luckily, green tea is the perfect way to consume tons of water without even enduring the pain that is drinking H20.  It’s like one of those flavored additives, except it’s far more natural and has 0 calories.

If we’re being honest, I owe my current state of hydration to green tea.

In conclusion, green tea: 10/10 would recommend.

Buy it, brew it, live it.


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