7 Metal Hair Colors for Fall and Early Winter


The cold weather has finally struck, and it’s absolutely lovely.  Furthermore, November and December are totally some of the best months for high fashion looks.

But, as we adjust our wardrobes for that late fall and early winter chill, we have to ask ourselves which colors we can actually dye our hair during this time of year.  Since pastels are a no-go in the current weather, what colors can we use while staying in-season and still keeping our edge?

Your question is about to be answered.  Start thinking about how you’re going to keep up with your roots, because the punk-rock hair color list you need is right here.

1. Jet Black


Jet black is a great choice all year round, but it’s especially lovely in the cold winter.  The logic behind this is simple: as the sky grows darker, your hair can too.

If you’re not convinced, just consider Veronica Lodge (the comic book version) – she worked jet black hair all day, every day… and it totally added to her classic glamour.


If you choose to go dark, just don’t forget to make sure that your eyebrows mesh well with your inky mane.  That may mean dying them, but people have done crazier things in the name of fashion.


2. Burgundy


Amaranthine, also known as burgundy, makes for a beautiful hair shade.  It’s rich and subtle while also being stunning and vivid.

It’s dark enough that it coordinates well with those cold weather vibes without actually blending in to them.  Furthermore, burgundy is the perfect tone for that look that falls right in between traditional and alternative.

It’s a terrific choice for anyone who wants a drastic change, but doesn’t want to wander too far out into the color spectrum.


3. Plum


Plum is a slightly less subtle color than burgundy – it doesn’t necessarily shout, since it’s a dark tone, but it’ll still be obvious to anyone who looks at you that your hair is purple.

If amaranthine seems too quiet for you and blue seems too wild, then plum hair is a great way to keep your edge in-tact without shouting about it from the rooftops.


4. Metallic Cerulean


Nothing screams dark grunge like the glory of having metallic cerulean hair.  If you want something electric with dark vibes, this is the hair color for you.

Of course, this is a bold choice – before you go through the trouble of changing your hair over to metallic cerulean, be sure that you’ll be happy with it once it’s all said and done.  Having unconventional hair colors is extremely exciting, but it’s something you have to be ready for in order to enjoy it.


5. Charcoal


If you want to go dark but you think that jet black may be too intense for you, then charcoal might be the better choice.

Because it’s also generally considered an unconventional hair color, it still comes with that edgy sheen that we’re all craving without being too out there.

It’s cool, it’s chic, and it’s new-age grey.


6. Frosty Silver


So, charcoal was too dark for you.  No problem – silver is beautiful too.  In fact, there’s something extremely regal about it.

For example, the Ice Queen wears her hair silver.  Why shouldn’t you?


7. Snow White


Okay, so Snow White didn’t actually have white hair.  But Storm from X-Men did, and she looked fabulous.


In fact, many celebrities have been experimenting with white hair – these days, it’s absolutely chic.

Dying your hair white is a drastic change, but it’s also a stunning one.  If you want to do something wild but classic, match manes with Storm.

There’s no need to hesitate while you’re standing in the hair dye aisle at the store.  With these colors, your mane can be seasonal and metal at the very same time.

Frost chic is timeless, anyways.

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