7 Reasons Why Ipsy Glam Bags are Blessed

If you subscribe to Ipsy for a monthly Glam Bag, you’re probably a really happy camper – I know I am.


Every month, I get a delightful surprise in the mail from Ipsy, and even though some months are better than others, I’m always thankful for the decision I made to dish out that $10 a month.

Here are 7 reasons why Ipsy and their Glam Bags are actually the best.

1. Ample eyeliner and mascara samples

I’m not going to lie – I hardly have to shop for eyeliner or mascara anymore.  Ipsy knows what I like (blackest black, liquid eyeliners and mascaras), and they send them frequently.  Anytime I run out, I can just dig around through a few cosmetic bags and probably find some new cat eye creators or lash ink rolling around.

2. High quality beauty products

I was never really into beauty products until I subscribed to Ipsy.  Now that I get them monthly, I’m all about the natural-based skin cleansers, lotions, and hair products they send me.  It’s exciting to alternate between all of them and examine the glorious results.  They make me feel fresh and healthy every single time.

3. Fancy [matte] lipsticks

I’m one of those people who has a hard time shopping for lipsticks – I wear ALL of the colors, and I get overwhelmed when I’m faced with the task of choosing one color from a magnificent and thorough rainbow of tones.

Ipsy takes some of that stress off my shoulders – they send me terrific, usually matte lipsticks in a variety of colors.  This allows me to mess around with shades I probably wouldn’t have tried out otherwise and figure out which companies and colors I like best for my lips.

I’ll also go ahead and say this again for emphasis: matte lipsticks.


 4. Gorgeous eye shadow shades

Although I was a Hot Topic, eyeshadow rocking princess as a teenager, I’ve strayed off eyeshadows in adulthood, and I consider this a bit of a tragedy.

Fortunately, Ipsy is there to remind me that eyeshadow exists and that, like lipsticks, there’s a giant color wheel to choose from.  Since they ask about your physical appearance when you first subscribe, they already know which shades to send me.

Oh, by the way – some of the eyeshadows shimmer.

5. The occasional makeup brush

There’s nothing better than a fine and silky make up brush to get the job done on those days when you’re in the mood to contour and/or highlight.  Ipsy knows this, and they make it a point to slip a pretty brush into your bag every now and again.

Just like the rest of the stuff Ipsy so kindly sends, makeup brushes are expensive!  Every time Ipsy sends one, they save me some serious moolah.

Ipsy is actually amazing.

6. The rare pair of tweezers

Like brushes, tweezers are expensive, and buying them from the store can be such a rip off.

Subscribing to Ipsy is such a great shopping hack, since sometimes Ipsy will throw tweezers or some other indispensable, reusable object into your bag.

They sent me some terrific tweezers, and I haven’t had any complaints regarding them so far.  They even have a deep rose colored thumb grip area and came in a cute little travel pouch!

7. The fabulous bags [of course]

This one is a no-brainer:  Ipsy sends our monthly treats in the most gorgeous makeup bags.  In fact, every month has a different theme, so it’s never the same thing twice – there’s something for everyone.

They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials – but they’re all lovely, and they’re all useful.

Oh, and some of these pouches can even be used as clutches!


Thank you so much, Ipsy gods.  For just $10 a month, you guys open up my world to new brands, new possibilities, and tons of boujee stuff.  You guys rock, and I can’t wait for my November Glam Bag.

Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, Ipsy.



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