Your Guide to Foliage

Why settle for floral when you can strive for foliage?  Foliage is edgier, and edgier is always better.

In fact, according to the November 2017 Issue of Vogue, “foliage is the new floral”.


Let’s start with the basics – what’s the difference between floral and foliage?

Well, floral describes “a fabric with floral design”, whereas foliage is a term used for “plant leaves, collectively”.

In other words, petals are out, and leaves are in.

To stay on trend, it’s important to know what’s what.  That’s why this entry exists: to be your quick and easy guide to Foliage 101.




Green and yellowish leaves give off springy or rain forest-type vibes.

Even those shades may seem a bit offbeat during autumn, Vogue seems to be all about them this November.  In fact, their entire foliage spread is more or less all about greens.

However, they’ve practiced some discretion with the greens – the greens are all in deep or frosty tones.

That’s fortunate for all of the green lovers out there – you don’t have to wait until the March birds are chirping to release the leafy, emerald pieces from your closet.

Enjoy green foliage patterns now, but just be aware of which shades you’re wearing; you don’t want to be dressing for the wrong season – it bums everybody out.


Reds and oranges

Nothing makes you more in-tune with your natural surroundings than coordinating with them.  That’s why red and orange foliage is fabulous during this time of year.

Unlike greens, red and orange foliage patterns are effortlessly autumn.  The leaves are changing colors outside, and these foliage pieces are here to match the second half of fall.

Red and orange foliage prints are apple cider, cozy sweaters, and fresh candles all wrapped up in one package – they are so November.


Blues and purples

Fortunately, as the weather cools down, the in-style color schemes do too.  This means that it’s time to whip out blue and purple foliage pieces for solidarity with the rapidly dropping temperatures.

While these tones don’t match the outdoor colors, nothing says cold weather like blues and purples do.


Blacks and charcoals

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As you may have realized by now, this is a blog that loves the colors black and gray.  They’re sharp, they’re slimming, and they’re dark.

Black and charcoal foliage prints are perfect for both grunge and gothic looks, as well as for Thursday evening drinks.  In its darkened states, foliage gives off a more artistic feel – it creates an absolutely elegant look.

As colors fade from the outdoors and the world goes dark, black and gray foliage is perfect for incorporating those late autumn, early winter vibes into your November wardrobe.



Silver is frosty, just like those thin sheets of ice that are starting to form on your windows as fall shifts into winter.  It’s chilly outside, so why shouldn’t your foliage prints match?

Silver foliage is stunning as mid to late November rolls around [and everyone starts to eagerly await that first snowfall of the winter].  That’s why it’s perfect for an autumn afternoon spent at a coffee shop or even for a Friday night out on the town.

Embrace the frost – decorate yourself in silver foliage.



Golds are gorgeous, golds are regal, and golds are stunning in foliage form.  They’re flawless.

Fortunately, as November moves along and December approaches, gold tones are a highly welcome sight – they remind people of the upcoming, cheerful winter festivities.

Gold foliage is a practical choice for quirky farmers’ markets, but it’s also a stunning selection for potentially icy and classy Saturday nights.

Don’t hesitate to give gold foliage a go.

Abandon the floral, and flee to foliage [if it appears to be something you’d enjoy rocking].

If it’s just not your thing, don’t worry – I won’t tattle to Vogue.  You just do you, boo.

Whichever foliage pattern is your style, just remember the motto for this fall:  say goodbye to floral – foliage is now officially better.


Photo credits:

Featured Image: Antonio Marras

Image 1: Burberry

Image 2: Giambattista Valli

Image 3: Vivetta


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