5 Gender-Neutral Ways to Stay Classic, Cozy, and Chic this Fall


Autumn is spectacular. 

It’s the absolute best time to work complex outfits.  It’s not too hot for boots, knee-highs, and jackets, but it’s not so cold that you have to conceal your fashion creations under bulky winter jackets.

So, carpe diem: seize the day, seize the season, and seize the opportunity to style it up.  This medium-chilly weather doesn’t last forever, so embrace it while you still can.

Not sure how to make the most of this season’s fashion?  Don’t fret.  Here are 5 gender-liberated ways to nail classic fall fashion.

1. The Flannel

The flannel is perfect for comfy days when you don’t need to look perfectly put together, but you still want to look stylish.


As it gets chillier, a flannel may not be enough to keep you warm.  Don’t be afraid to pull on some layers underneath – just do your best to make sure that they aren’t visible.   You don’t want them to steal your flannel’s thunder.

Pair a flannel with jeans for a timeless autumn look.  Skinny, straight-down jeans in blues and blacks look great with flannels, but so do those light blue, baggy 90s’ jeans.  Whichever pants you choose will change your overall vibe, but, as it turns out, both looks are extremely stylish.

Complete your chill fall vibe with clunky boots or canvas shoes.

2. The Collared Shirt and Sweater Combo

This is an old-school outfit that is overlooked all too often – the collared shirt poking out from underneath a sweater.  It’s a business casual style that can also be pulled off as a sharp, casual one for people of all genders.

Round neck and v-neck sweaters both do the job, but the v-neck creates more semi-vertical lines – that’s why I generally recommend it over the round neck.  However, which neck works best with a button-down can depend on the person, so experiment until you find the neckline that works for you.  Just make sure that your collar is fully pulled out from the sweater and crisply folded over.


You can tuck in the collared shirt or leave it hanging out of the sweater – either way works, and both look terrific.

In terms of pants, you’ll want to pair this upper body style with skinny or straight-down pants.  Dark jeans or slacks will do the trick.

Pull on some black, semi-casual dress or canvas shoes for a polished finish.

3. The Cardigan

It’s slouchy, it’s warm, and it’s fashionably appealing: the cardigan. This is among the best ways to stay cozy in style this fall.

There’s different cardigan styles to choose from – fitted, slouchy, preppy, etc.  Some are made with pockets, and some are made without them.  You’ll find cardigans with complex collars, and you’ll come across ones without defined neck lines.  Find your favorites and try them out with t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts [depending on the weather].

Match these up with light colored or black jeans, or even with black or grey slacks for a cool, chic look.

Just like with the previous selection, finish it off with semi-casual dress shoes or canvas kicks.

4. Just the V-Neck Sweater

Even though this was mentioned earlier [with a button down], the v-neck has a completely altered look sans collared shirt.

This is the way to show off your neck as a defining feature.  The v-neck sweater alone also allows you to look formal chic and comfy at the very same time.

To layer it underneath, either wear a shirt that won’t show above the sweater’s neckline, or go with a visible v-neck that will compliment the sweater.

This can be safely paired with blue, black, beige, or grey skinny jeans/slacks, but that’s not to say that you can’t go with other dark colors if you’re in a bold mood (amaranthine, olive green, deep navy, dark purple, etc.).

Slip on some dress shoes to knit the look together.

5. The [P]leather Jacket

We get it – it’s fall, and you’re still rock ‘n’ roll.  Thankfully, [p]leather jackets keep you bundled up and fashionable at the same time.  It’s a classic look that steals the show.


Black is my personal favorite for all things [p]leather, but dark tans and charcoals are also incredibly dark and sleek tones to try out.

Don’t be afraid to mess around with those same dark colors I just mentioned in the last section (maroon, olive green, deep navy, dark purple, etc.).  Just don’t wear anything too bright – summer is long gone and you don’t want to bum everybody out.

Underneath, wear a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, or chunky turtle neck to stay cozy.  You don’t have to freeze in order to look top-notch.

Clunky, neutral shade shoes work splendidly with this look – clunky, dress, or canvas ones are all an absolute thumbs up.

Carpe diem, everyone. Seize the fall chic…

Until December, atleast.