3 Specific Times Rihanna was a Modern-Day Fashion Queen

Twitter has lost its mind – yet again.  But this time, Twitter’s gone wild for a great reason – because it’s ugly until Rihanna decides it’s not.


Apparently, this is news.

I’m not sure why it’s taken people so long to realize that Rihanna is our angelic queen of fashion, but I’m ecstatic that she’s finally getting her due recognition.

I mean, look at her.

Rihanna takes the hideous and transforms it into fashion that’s actually wearable – well, for her, atleast.

Bless her and her magic touch.

And so, this is a shrine dedicated to three of Rihanna’s [many] fashion feats, organized as BR (before Rihanna) and AR (after Rihanna).

And yes, I am jamming out to Rihanna as I write this (duh).

1. The Blue Loofah


BR: Why is that poor girl being forced to wear a blue loofah?  That’s absolutely terrible.  Someone please rescue her – this is nothing short of an atrocity.

AR: Is Rihanna wearing a blue loofah?  And, if so, can someone tell me where I can purchase one?

I’ll take the black lace gloves, shades, stiletto nails, and sass to match – please and thank you.

2. The Blue Loofah Jr.


BR: It appears that the blue loofah has been knocked down a few levels – it looks pretty stripped down.

It’s better, but it’s still horrendous.  I hope that poor woman doesn’t shrivel up as a result of wearing that thing.

AR: Rihanna looks like a goddess (I mean, she is one anyways).  There’s no way that dress was ever Blue Loofah Jr. – I’m pretty sure that’s just a royal garb.

Does Rihanna give lessons on, well, being Rihanna?

3. The Shredded Pumpkin


BR:  Dude, I am so sorry that someone murdered a pumpkin and made you wear its remains.  That’s horrible.  You’re better than this – you deserve an outfit that’s not the pumpkin plague itself.

AR: I’ve spent my entire life loathing the color orange, but I finally see its appeal.

How does one sew a pumpkin into a giant jacket and boots?  Asking for a friend.  Okay, fine – not really.  I’m asking for myself.

Rihanna is the Pumpkin Queen.

So, what have we learned today?

  1. Rihanna is Queen Ultimate (although this is more of a reminder than a discovery). We deserve to be smote if we ever forget it.
  2. Apparently a loofah dresses can be rescued and made chic. Thanks, Rihanna.
  3. Loofahs can age and shed, but Rihanna will make their final days absolutely glorious.
  4. Pumpkin corpses can be outfits, but that’s only because the ever-heroic Rihanna lifted this idea out of its misery.
  5. Rihanna’s regal brilliance now also covers the pumpkin community. Congrats, Rihanna.  You’ve earned ultimate dominance.

Rihanna, you are FABULOUS.  For heaven’s sake, you keep doing you, girl.


Photo credits:

Featured Image: Lenn Beauty on YouTube 

Image 1: dezaow on Twitter

Image 2: Mishele on Twitter

Image 3: Bal Fenty on Twitter

Image 4: KYRA on Twitter








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