5 Captivating Fashion Blogs

One of the crazy things about being a blogger is that you’ll continuously find yourself on other bloggers’ pages.  And on that journey from Point A to Point J, you’ll occasionally get wrapped up in another person’s unique take on fashion and the world.


Everyone in the fashion world thrives off of one another – whether we realize it or not, we’re constantly being influenced by everything we read, hear, and see.  In some manner, we all contribute to the thought processes and creations of others.

Furthermore, we grow the most when we explore the unknown – and the Internet really enables us to do just that.

And so, without further ado, here are 5 fashion blogs that I am thrilled were among my recent Point J’s.

1. The Darling Detail

This is a fashion blog that’s practical, cute, and classic.  The color scheme is neutral, meaning that it’s very loyal to those 2017 chic vibes.

The Darling Detail features an area of the site called “The Instagram Diaries” – this was my favorite part.  These entries are filled with nifty style tips and some pretty rad travel fashion.

In its truest essence, the blog centers around a theme of trendy, luxurious, and affordable fashion.  There’s even a shopping area that coincides beautifully with The Darling Detail’s overall trendy and cute aesthetic – don’t forget to check it out!

2. Kristina Braly

The Kristina Braly blog features 4 main areas: “beauty”, “outfits”, “planning”, and “DIY”.  It’s packed with product reviews, various outfits, and do-it-yourself tips.  There’s definitely an appealing “discover your own style” vibe floating around the website.

Created and run by Kristina Braly herself, this blog was inspired by a tragedy in her life.  Coming from what she describes as an essentially sans-fashion background, she aims for her blog to be relatable to any and all girls.

It’s looking great so far, Kristina.

3. The Song of Style

I’m so glad I stumbled across this fashion and interior design blog – the scent of exploration and adventure that comes with it is magnificent.  In fact, the website feels luxurious and relaxing in itself – visiting it is basically like clicking away to some far away, sunny vacation.

Its main categories are “beauty”, “outfit”, “travel”, “interior design”, and “fashion week” – it covers a broad expanse. Interestingly enough, this blog also shares its creator’s fascination for design inspiration with its readers.

A few minutes spent on the Song of Style is enough for any visitor to know that its creator, Aimee Song, is full of life and wanderlust.

4. Edgy Stl

Here, we have a blog that is fresh, contemporary, and masculine.  Its black and white aesthetic gives a reader a rather contemporary-vintage experience with each site visit.  The main categories on this blog are “fashion”, “lifestyle”, and “travel/events”.

Ayan Dorian is the blog creator, and he describes himself as a gentleman and “life lover”.  His blog exists to celebrate fashion, fitness, and positivity for men.  The entire website is decorated in images of extremely chic men’s fashion, boujee vehicles, and absolutely stunning travel spots.

Edgy Stl gives readers a way to journey to another world from the comfort of their very own homes.

5. Streetgeist

A stylish street fashion blog, this is the place to explore what people are wearing out in the real world.  Even though it’s now based out of Los Angeles, Streetgeist was actually born elsewhere – in Athens.

The photographers for this blog have caught a vast variety of aesthetics in their lens net, making for a website that vividly demonstrates a diversity of people and their fashion choices.  It’s a terrific place to see a little bit of everything and then some – I’m personally enjoying viewing the styles photographed over at Venice Beach.

By using a blank white website layout and blurring out the photo backgrounds, the creators of Streetgeist have done a splendid job of making sure that each style subject gets their well-earned time to shine.


There’s plenty of us blogging it up out there on the Worldwide Web, but it never hurts to take a step back and check out what people who are entirely unlike you are contributing to the world.

After all, there’s more than enough fashion to go around.




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